“I just wanted to reach out to those of you who know our builder, Justin Quinn, and were indirectly associated with the construction of our new home at 71 Vestal.

This was our fifth residential project, and the first that we have not been on site during the construction phase. We interviewed and discussed the project with many of the Island’s builders, and settled on Justin (who also found and brokered the sale of the lot), feeling confident that he could leverage his relationships with the myriad of sub-contractors and give our build the attention required to meet our expectations.
 After receiving approval from HDC, Justin was able to begin and complete our home in under 10 months. He did a fantastic job in all facets, including oft over-looked ones such as establishing great relationships with the neighbors.

While it’s rare to come in on-time and within budget, it was the little things that made his efforts extraordinary.

Every single person we’ve come across that knows Justin speaks to his integrity, honesty and competence. I can unequivocally support those sentiments, and hope that if you ever have the opportunity to recommend him for a project, you will do so without hesitation.”
Dean Giampietro